Week One of #startsummerwrite

Ok, so I’ve done a full week of my #startsummerwrite initiative and so far, ok. Today is not going to be a big writing day, but I’m happy that the week has gone well. Just some quick thoughts about what’s I’ve done so far.

  1. Don’t tweet and write…or, allow a tweet to be a write — Earlier this week I tweeted a reply to a tweet from one of the awesome members of Jtwitter (or Jwitter, depending on who you ask). It was a long reply, and in and of itself, could have counted for a writing session. It started to get a bunch of likes, retweets, and replies, and, I, not being super used to it, was pleasantly surprised. However, I tried to write immediately afterwards and I had to practically throw my watch and phone across the room to stop getting distracted by the notifications. I know. Not the worst problem to have, but still unexpected. That tweet could have been the writing session in and of itself.
  2. Have fewer goals — This actually plays into the last one. I made a goal of writing at a certain time each day for a certain amount of time. I am now telling myself to get over it. As long as I write each day, it’s fine. It counts. Writing is what matters.
  3. My new biggest problem: a new idea — My current WIP comes immediately after my book that I’m querying (yes it’s part two of a trilogy, but the first book can stand on its own too — I think). I love this WIP and the characters, and I happily got over a bit of writer’s block recently, so I’m excited to move forward with the story (ROAD TRIP!). And then, this week, I was thunderstruck with an idea for ANOTHER story. I know other writers have this problem some time, but having two competing stories in my head at once is new for me. I want to finish my WIP though, so I need to stay focused.
  4. That being said… — I still want to putter around with the new idea (I mean, c’mon, the MC is a golem!). And maybe (and this is a very tentative maybe), I make the new idea a NaNoWriMo project. So in the meantime, I’m going to try to spend a writing session each week doing some character sketching of the new idea. But, to point two, if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.
  5. I still need to find time to query. But like I said last week, that needs to be a different time block for me.

So, that’s the first week of #startsummerwrite. Overall I’m happy. I got a few thousand words done. I’m moving onto the next section of my WIP. And I’ve got a new idea. Next week’s challenge is that we’re going to be out of town, but I’m bringing the laptop, so again. Just need to find time.

Have a great weekend!

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