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Golems, djinns, nagas, and fairies are incredibly powerful, mystical creatures. But that doesn’t mean they’re scary

At Collinstein Academy they are students just like anywhere else. They make friends, fall in love, and get in fights – just like humans.

Emmett the golem is new to the Academy and to the world. It’s hard to be a student when you’re only 3.5 weeks old, but it’s even harder when your reaction to lies is to get bigger, stronger, and sometimes lose all control.

Emmett just wants to know the truth, and when student projects are being destroyed at school, he is determined to find out who is behind it before he gets angry and hurts someone…again.

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A new father’s life is filled with pride, anxiety, happiness, nervousness, and a gross metric ton (emphasis on gross) of poop-filled diapers.

In my first book — a memoir — I deal with all of those issues and more. While the first act of fatherhood takes place nine months before birth, what about the twelve afterwards? Through the lens of those dirty diapers, look at the first duty at the hospital, the relative benefits of prunes and bananas, and the plethora of toys that affectionately referred to as “Baby Crack.” Travel through these topics with humor, a bit of advice, lots of snark, but through it all, love for the joy of being a father.

“Toots Not Poops” is available from Amazon here

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