Additional Resources

Here’s where you can find all of the additional resources that I have — mostly for schools:

Author videos!

I have started to create some videos to talk more about Cryptid Academy and my inspirations and thoughts for the book. You can go to my YouTube Channel to watch them or click on this link here.

Current Videos Include:

  • Unboxing the Books
  • All About Emmett
  • Welcome to Collinstein Academy


  • Process — I will happily talk to a group of students about either my writing process or the self-publishing process
  • Creative Writing — I can lead students in a variety of writing prompts and exercises to encourage their creativity
  • Others — If you have an additional idea, I’d be happy to work with you on it.

Book talks!

I am available to do book talks at limited times both in person and over Zoom. In person book talks need to be close to Sudbury, MA unless otherwise noted.

-$175/hour for an in-person book talk
-$100/hour for a book talk over Zoom

Deals for schools

Occasionally, I will have deals for schools and educators. Check in this space to find out more.

Audiobook Deal — If you or your institution buy a class set of books (25 or more), I will send you a free, shareable audiobook to make sure that any students who need the audio version will be able to have it. Email me at to find out more information.

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