Meet the faculty

Please take a moment to meet our wonderful faculty!

Reverend Collins — Reverend Scott Collins is the grandson of Collinstein Academy Co-Founder Garlan Collins. Like his grandfather and father before him, Reverend Collins is an Episcopalian Priest and is one of the two deans of the school. His primary focus is on the students of the lower school and he enjoys spending his free time outside, exploring the beautiful grounds of the Academy.

Rabbi Feinstein — Rabbi Susan Feinstein is the granddaughter of Collinstein Academy Co-Founder Shlomo Feinstein. Like her grandfather and father before her, Rabbi Feinstein was ordained as a Rabbi in New York City and is also one of the two deans of the school. Rabbi Feinstein focuses her supervision on the upper school and greatly enjoys the musical performances that take place formally in the auditorium and informally in the music room of the basement.

Morgan Gement — Morgan Gement is the assistant dean of Collinstein Academy. Originally from Cleveland, OH, Ms Gement learned about the school from a neighbor or hers while getting her Master’s Degree in School Administration from Lesley College in Boston. She has been the Assistant Dean at the school for the last fifteen years and is primarily responsible for the logistics and room and board for the students.

Ananya BasuArt & Music /Homeroom Advisor for the Orange Class — Ms Basu has been teaching Art and Music at Collinstein Academy for twelve years. Originally from New York City, she is an Apsara, proudly tracing her heritage back to southern India. Her favorite part of teaching Art and Music at Collinstein Academy is how she gets to weave together the artistic backgrounds of all of her students.

Ereneti Deli Technology & Engineering /Homeroom Advisor for the Blue Class — Mr. Deli is a Menehune from the big island of Hawai’i where he returns every summer to spend time with his family. He teaches the upper school students in Technology and Engineering and his favorite part of teaching at Collinstein Academy is the ability to help students craft and create. Mr. Deli never shies away from a chance to build something.

George DonahuePhysical Education — Mr. Donahue is a Dendrus originally from right around the corner in Amherst, MA. He has been teaching at Collinstein Academy for longer than any other teacher in the building; this is his fortieth year teaching Physical Education. He doesn’t act his age though and loves creating games and activities that match the physical needs of all of the students who come through Collinstein Academy’s doors.

Eiichi FukudaHistory — Eiichi Fukuda has been teaching History at Collinstein Academy for twenty-three years. The first nine of those were in the lower school, but for the last fourteen years, she has been working with the tenth through twelfth graders. As a shape-shifting Yokai, Eiichi encourages her students to see history from the point of view of those who experienced it, and she encourages debate and arguing to help her students better understand the past.

Abasi Gaber History & Literature/Homeroom Advisor for the Purple Class — Mr. Gaber has been teaching the humanities at Collinstein Academy for fourteen years, originally teaching at a school for mythical and mythological creatures near his home, outside of Cairo in Egypt. He is an ouroboros who loves helping his students find their place in the world in the past, present, and future.

Brendan LongLiterature/Homeroom Advisor for the Red Class — Brendan Long is entering their fifth year as a teacher at Collinstein Academy. They are the youngest teacher ever in the history of the school because of their fairy-driven skill of memory and knowledge. Since joining the faculty, they have enjoyed showing the older students all about world literature and helping students connect with their favorite authors.

Kay LoughlerScience & Math/Homeroom Advisor for Green Class — Ms Loughler is enjoying her 17th year at Collinstein Academy. As a nymph from Vermont, she loves showing her students all of the different plants and animals that are native to the New England area, and she enjoys helping them recognize mathematical patterns and even coincidences that can be found all around.

Amid MaloufMath — Mr. Malouf joined the faculty of Collinstein Academy seven years ago, following in the footsteps of his older sister Yasmina. When he was a student at Collinstein Academy, he enjoyed solving complex mathematic equations as they reminded him of the puzzles that his sphinx family used to pose to each other around the dinner table back in the Dallas suburbs. As the math teacher for the upper school, Mr. Malouf now loves posing those same complex math problems to his students.

Yasmina MaloufScience/Homeroom Advisor for the Yellow Class — Ms Malouf has been teaching science to the upper school students at Collinstein Academy since she first started nine years ago. Back home in the Dallas suburbs, she used to study the stars, pointing out the movements of the constellations to her younger brother Amid (now the Math teacher at Collinstein Academy). She, like other sphinxes, enjoys chatting with her students and showing them all aspects of science.

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