C.A. Times — The C.A. Times is the monthly newspaper at Collinstein Academy. All students are welcome to join and they make sure to report on all of the exciting happenings at our school. The C.A. Times: Finding Truth, No Matter How Cryptic.

Drama Club — So many of our students are naturally dramatic and expressive and the twice annual performances highlight them! In the past, the Drama Club has hosted improvisational shows, and has teamed up with the Collinstein Academy Chorus when the students want to perform a larger musical.

Nature Club — The Nature Club at Collinstein Academy takes advantage of the picturesque scenery around the school. The club meets nearly every other week to go for walks around the campus and connect with the flora and fauna of Central Massachusetts.

Programming — Programming is one of the most popular careers for our students after finishing their time at Collinstein Academy, and the programming club helps so many of them jump right into it. By the time they finish their final year, our programmers are developing apps and software to help humans and mythical creatures alike.

Service Club — Students at Collinstein Academy love to give back to their communities and to the school itself. The Service Club spends its time making the school grounds look as beautiful as they can, and they also work to brainstorm ways to help their home communities.

This page is still under construction! Check back soon for information about our clubs and extracurricular activities.

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