About the School

Collinstein Academy was founded in 1926 among the forested hills of Central Massachusetts. Our founders, Reverend Joseph Collins and Rabbi Itzik Feldstein, started the school after meeting a pair of djinn brothers near Cambridge, MA. The brothers, Amaar and Ayaan Toma, were surprised by the friendliness they experienced from the two clergy and expressed the concern they had for their respective children to be educated while still maintaining a connection to their culture. Reverend Collins and Rabbi Feldstein had both inherited money to get the land and the first building for the school and they proceeded to open up Collinstein Academy.

Since its inception in a small building, housing seven students, Collinstein Academy has grown to its current total of 120 students from a diverse background of religions and mythologies. The alumni groups of the school have generously donated to allow for its expansion while still continuing the proud tradition of helping all mythical and mythological creatures attend the school.

Collinstein Academy now consists of a beautiful three story brick building with state of the art classrooms, library, auditorium, and gymnasium. Connected via a breezeway is the dormitory where all of the students and many of the faculty live. We are proud that no matter the needs of the particular mythical or mythological creature, all are accommodated at Collinstein Academy.

If you or someone you know would be a good fit for Collinstein Academy, please let us know.

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